Rashida And Kidada Jones Featured In Sassy Magazine As Teens

Back In The Day: Rashida Jones Was All Up In “Sassy Magazine” Rapping To Naughty By Nature With Sister Kidada Before She Started “Passing”

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Is it just us, or does Rashida look a couple shades darker in these shots? Back before Rashida Jones realized that being black is no fun, the actress and her older sister Kidada were profiled for the teen magazine “Sassy”. That profile was recently unearthed by our friends at BuzzFeed and we wanted to share some of the chuckle worthy outtakes from the interview with you.

For example:

“Kidada is a homegirl, and way relaxed… Rashida’s 15 and thinks meat is gross. She’s very chatty and funny and loves that classic, Euro-prep thing. Rashida and Kidada are sisters, and boy do they act it. You know, one minute they’re cruising down the high-way singing “Ya down with OPP yea, you know me…” at the top of their lungs. The next minute, Kidada is telling Rashida to shut up with a look that melt steel.

The most comedy thing about this is the name of the article was “Nature Of A Sista!”

Rashida been into that European isht since way back but as a 15-year-old she was a little bit down.

The rest of the interview is about how “different” they are and how Sassy doesn’t usually cater to celebrity kids but the Jones girls are just so cool and down to earth the magazine struggled over whether to tell readers who their parents were.

Check out some of the photos from the magazine on the flip and peep how much Rashida’s steez has changed!

rashida eating kidada

rashida chucks

jones pillow fight

rashida hat

kidada lampin


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Photo Credit: Tumblr/Sassy/Bari Hill


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