Liza Morales Pens Open Letter About Khloe And Lamar

Ex Files: Liza Morales Goes In With Open Letter About Meeting Khloe, Learning Lamar Was Getting Married And More – “There Aren’t Words To Describe How I Felt”

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via The Daily Beast

We kept things cordial for the children’s sake after the breakup, but that changed when he married Khloe. Now we only communicate through third parties and lawyers, which I regret deeply since it is exactly what we each experienced as children and said we wouldn’t do to our kids.

I’ve only met Khloe once, at my request since she is my children’s stepmother and I felt it was important to get a sense of her and what she’s like around my children. It was a very pleasant meeting, she gave me a hug so I’m happy it happened.

To be honest I’m really doing the show for my daughter to prove to her that you can get up and move on after things fall apart. I did it to show her how you make mistakes and fix them and that you can never give up on yourself. She needed to see that and hear it from me. I think I also hope my father sees it as well. The only time I’ve seen my dad in recent years was at the funeral for my son. That was the first time Lamar had ever met him or that the kids had a chance to meet him.

I know Lamar wasn’t that happy with the show but it’s helping me move on with my life by getting my truth out there and that’s what’s important. I’m taking college courses now to help with my dream of creating a skin care line in the future. I spent a great deal of my young life focused only on Lamar and his world. That’s all over now. I’m looking forward to meeting someone new and finding a love again and finally walking down the aisle. I’m hopeful that I’ll find someone willing to be a role model and a father figure for my children. They deserve that.

Liza also told BOSSIP earlier this year that she’ll be releasing a memoir” loosely based” on her life, but insisted that it won’t be a tell all.  From the sounds of this open letter though, we’re not so sure. What do you think about Liza putting Lam Lam on blast for being a dirty dog and dishing on her life?



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