It Aint Over: Drake Fires Subliminal Shots At Chris Brown About Rihanna, Frank Ocean, And Struggle Album Sales In New Single “5 AM”

- By Bossip Staff

What’s beef?

Drake Disses Chris Brown In New Single “5 AM”

Just when we all thought the Chris Brown/Drake bromance beef was a thing of the past, Drizzy decides to air out his nemesis yet again.

The YMCMB hot boy recently released the newest track from his upcoming album “Nothing Was the Same,” and if one thing is clear from the song, it’s that this beige beef is far from over.

Drake starts out with a reference to  Breezy’s brawl with R&B crooner Frank Ocean and then follows up with a jab regarding  his rumored relationship with Rihanna:

“Sinatra lifestyle, I’m just being Frank wit ya. I mean, where you think she at when she aint wit ya?”

He then goes on to allude to Chris’s laundry list of public outbursts that turned into PR nightmares and even puts Breezy on blast over his lack luster album sales:

“A couple somebodys started killing themselves. A couple albums dropped, those are is still on the shelf. I bet them sh*ts woulda popped if I was willing to help.
Bad press during the summer over allegations. I aint lie my n*gga, my time is money that’s why I aint got the time for a n*gga whose time is comin. A lotta n*ggas PR stuntin’ like that’s the music, that’s why I’m the only n*gga still about the music.”

Welp…Guess this explains Chris Brown’s “f**k Drake!” outburst in the club earlier this week. You can take a listen to the whole track below.

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