Swirly Scandal: 10 Burning Questions About The Ice-T-Coco-AP.9 Saga

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Rap’s OG who famously shook the table with “Cop Killer” brought to his knees by the ultimate Myspace rapper? Ice T—reformed pimp, Crip and overall menace to society— heartbroken by his Nubian white queen with the world watching? How could this happen? Why did this happen? So many questions without answers.

Here are ten burning questions about the Ice-T-Coco-AP.9 saga. Take a look.


Who is AP.9 and how did this fame-thirsty moon cricket gain access to Coco?

From what we scraped together from his active Myspace page, he’s a super-struggly “Gangsta rapper” from Oakland with Memphis Bleekian fashion tendencies. Basically, an industry roach looking for a come-up who connected with Coco in a Vegas club.


Why would Coco allow a completely-irrelevant rapper to caress her cakes in public?

You’re married and co-star on a reality show about your marriage but allow some ashy slimeball-rapper to grope you in public like camera phones/the internet don’t exist? NOTHING about this seemed like a terrible idea?

ice t coco

What dirt did Ice-T do during the marriage? Was this karma?

It’s easy to feel sorry for the OG BUT he DID dump his ex-wife of 17 years (Darlene Ortiz) for Coco. Like, told her he was running to the store and never came back. Maybe this is all karma’s wrath for his extravagant pimpery and womanizing over the years? Just a thought.

Coco and Ice T at Foxwoods Resort Casino's "Liquid Sundays" pool party

Why would Coco cheat on Ice T—the man who made her?

Before Ice, Coco was twerking awkwardly for crumpled dollars and starring in trashy straight-to-DVD flicks (“Southwest Babes”). Without Ice, his celebrity and those magical boobs he purchased, she’s Amber Rose before Kanye. Why bite the pimp hand that feeds you?


Is Ice-T struggling to, uh, get it up?

Ice is 55 with a daughter older than Coco. At his age, the trusty equipment doesn’t function quite like it did in the glory days. Could Coco have been sexually frustrated? Did their struggles to have a baby push her to creep?


What does AP.9 have to gain from this?

No one likes a messy fame-slore rapper and that’s exactly what AP.9 is—an aspiring “Love & Hip-Hop” star tired of performing in check cashing store parking lots. If microwave fame is what he wanted, he got it, but for all the wrong reasons.

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    Is this all a hoax for ratings?

    How do we REALLY know this isn’t a publicity stunt for Ice & Coco’s struggling reality show? Every day conflicting reports and rumors leak without clarification or facts. Are we ALL trapped in Ice and Coco’s matrix?

    coco ap

    “Can’t turn a ho into a housewife” theory proven true?

    With Ice and Coco reportedly over, we’re left with Amber Rose, Rihanna and Kimmy Cakes who all, at some point, were labeled “industry box.” If Ice couldn’t tame Coco, do we really believe Kimmy won’t creep on Kanye? After all, she DID cheat on Reggie with him.

    Ice-T and wife Coco

    New-age swirl movement dying?

    Black men are more infatuated with the exotic swirl in 2013 than ever before but will white skin still be the right skin after this Ice and Coco saga? Or will a Black woman’s loyalty and strength be appealing again? We’ll see.

    cash money party 5 271109

    What’s next for Ice-T and Coco?

    Ice T will probably piece his shattered heart back together, attempt to rebuild his damaged OG status and send Coco back to the streep clob/peep show broke and boob-less. Stay tuned.

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