Athletes & Hoes: Dirty Dog Colin Kaepernick Accused Of Leaving Groupie Stranded In Atlanta Airport For 6 Hours!

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Colin Kaepernick

These hoes are really smitten with this funny-lookin’ half-ninja Colin huh?

Colin Kaepernick Accused Of Leaving Woman Stranded In Atlanta Airport

Our friends at BlackSportsOnline put us on to this story about the Super Bowl baller and alleged continued mistreatment of women.

The writer of this particular duck tale is some janky “model” broad named Melody Jai.

Melody Jai

Apparently Melody was contacted by the woman Colin left stranded and wanted to share her story with the world. Ironically, she looks like the type to get left/stranded somewhere too.

No way to tell if she embellished any part of this story, but it sounds pretty feasible to us.

Shame on Colin Kaepernick!

Why am I mentioning this guy? Well, a friend of mine contacted me a few days ago and asked if I could help out a young lady that was stranded at the airport and didn’t know anyone in Atlanta. Any friend of his is a friend of mine, so I agreed to help the young lady out. I spoke to her briefly and luckily she had found a hotel close to the airport. I wasn’t able to pick her up, but I was able to be a sympathetic ear to her and give her some advice.

What I found out was that allegedly this young lady flew here to see Colin. They had never met in person only on Skype and talked on the phone, for five months. Mistake number one, I also fell victim to this recently, but that is a whole other story. Now that the season is over he had free time for them to finally meet. When she asked if he could pay for half her ticket he gave her an excuse of being on a budget cause he helps out his family. Mistake number two, if you can’t afford to lose out on the ticket than you shouldn’t come. If someone has that much money and wants to see you then he’ll fly there or fly you to him on his dime. She decided to come anyways.

Perhaps Colin DID lead this girl to believe that she should come to the A, but clearly she isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

The rest of the story is even further evidence of this fact. Hit the flip to read the rest.

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