Famously-Miserable: Top 10 Biggest HATERS (Celebrity Edition)

Famously-Miserable: Top 10 Biggest HATERS (Celebrity Edition)

- By Bossip Staff
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Keyshia Cole mad

Haters are a very special breed of human who spend more energy hating on others than improving their own life. Mostly miserable and stuck, haters live to spit on happiness, knock sandcastles down and rain on parades.

Here are the ten biggest HATERS on the planet. Take a look.


Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole is what happens when you save a hoodrat from the streets, wipe the filth off, give her brand new teeth, success and 260K+ Twitter followers. Now she’s a stage 5, Kanye-level attention slore who’d rather attack relevant artists than promote her straight-to-Recycle Bin music.

wendy willams show central park 200812

Wendy Williams

The Berenstain Bear-built media maven/linebacker has made millions shading your favorite celebs. At 6’8”-278 pounds, she knows she can say whatever she wants without consequences, and does. Most intimidating hater in entertainment? Definitely Wendy.


50 Cent

The heartless Rap villain perfected the art of “hating” as the bullet-torn face of NY Hip-Hop. Responsible for ending Ja Rule’s everything and exposing Rick Ross, 50’s brand of hating was always super-petty yet effective and hilarious.


Lil’ Kim

Liddo Kimmie devoted her entire Muppet-faced existence to A) remixing her 1996 face B) hating on arch Nemesis Nicki Minaj. YES, we ALL KNOW Nicki stole her style but Kim refuses to move on and that’s sad.

KMichelle shaking table

K. Michelle

Cut from the same Rainbow dress fabrics as Keyshia Cole, Kimberly Michelle seems content with being a super-ratchet, table shaking-hoodrat-turned Reality star. Vocally-talented, she’s too nasty and hateful to really be taken seriously as an artist.


Donald Trump

The Donald spews pure venom and hatred (about everyone and everything) without ever explaining the squirrel fur on his head. When he’s not criticizing President Obama, he’s low-key racist on Twitter. Wealthiest hater…ever? It’s possible.

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Spike Lee

He’s the most iconic Black filmmaker ever who recently shriveled into a bitter ’ole crumpled-faced hater. Shunned by most of Hollywood, Spike hates everything about movies he didn’t even see. Why? Because he struggles to fund films unlike enemies Tyler Perry and Quentin Tarantino.

Tavis Smiley

Tavis Smiley

You would think someone who struggles to finish sentences wouldn’t be such a hater but that’s exactly what Stuttery Smiley is. Obsessed with the President, Tavis spends most of his life criticizing Obama in Porky Piggish, spittle-splashed rants (and essays). So sad.


Cornel West

Once beloved for his intellectual brilliance and charm, Cornel recently joined forces with Stuttery Smiley to hate on the President’s every breath. Widely-dismissed (and told to have EVERY seat), he’s just another formerly-respected crab in a shallow barrel.

Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless

Skip is a pathetic little troll who hates on superstar athletes every morning on ESPN’s popular debate show “First Take.” If you’re familiar, you know he’s completely-obsessed with LeBron James whose name LIVES in his mouth. Greatest hater ever? Most would say yes.


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