Superhead Taught Her: Winter Ramos Dishes The Dirt On Getting Dong’d Down By Slim Thugga [Video]

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Winter says she just got caught up running with Fab and his guys so much she started acting like a dog in heat… But good thing she did because now there is a whole book of juicy hookups for folks to read about riiiight? Okay, so we’re still divided on that one. But since some of these guys are claiming “not it” it’s good to get a response from Winter about that.

Gotta love our homies at Baller Alert for getting to “the bottom” of this one. In an excerpt from Winter’s book she writes:

“Slim Thug came to the hotel and took us to the club. I orchestrated all of that. Crafty, if I may say so myself. He was just my type: fresh braids and thugged out. I had no intention of starting a relationship with him. I just wanted a little time alone while in Houston. At the club all the homies around Fab who were on tour with us kept saying “Winter Dog, you can’t get him, that’s Slim Thug.”

None of them saw me as a real woman with a real life or needs. They saw me as one of the fellas. It was all fun and games until Slim Thug and me started flirting in the club. Knowing Fab would say something irked me but I wasn’t about to let that hold me back. Eventually we all went back to our hotel, only I didn’t go to sleep.

The knock came soon on the room’s door. It was Slim Thug. That night started and ended quickly. The three hours we shared together were well worth it. The name Thug fit him perfectly since he was thugged out in the bedroom. He liked it rough and so did I. ”

You’d think Slim Thug would be flattered because at least she gave him high marks, but nah, he’s denying it.


Hit the flip for her response to his denial and find out what she has to say about being called a groupie.

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