Love And Other Drugs: Celebrities Who Went Back To Their Exes After Toxic Relationships

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Love is a helluva drug

People Who Ended Up Back With Their Exes

Love can sometimes be a rollercoaster ride filled with lots of emotions and unexpected surprises.

Unfortunately for these couples, not all of those surprises were good ones, and half the time, they were “surprised” with other people, fighting, secret children and a host of other things. But somehow in the end, they still found their way back to each other.

Let’s take a look at a few lovesick limelighters that just couldn’t get enough of their exes and still got back with them despite the drama.

Emily B 
Emily came face to face with Fab’s dirty-dog ways on season 2 of LHHNY when Kimbella revealed that she had gotten it in with him while Emily was pregnant with their son Johan. Emily supposedly took a break from her relationships with Fab soon after, but ended up back with him in the end.

Kim Porter 
Diddy dated Kim, had a child with her, then dated J.Lo, came back to Kim, had another child with another woman, then knocked Kim up with twins….and eventually started creeping with Cassie. She seems to have finally learned her lesson and left him alone, but it definitely took a while.

This relationship wasn’t exactly toxic, but they had enough make-ups to break-ups to last a life time. Pink met Carey Hart in 2001, married him in 2006, separated in 2008 (and then featured him in a music video detailing their break-up), filed for divorce, went to marriage counseling, and then finally reunited with him in 2010 before giving birth to their daughter in 2011.

Tahiry/Joe Budden
These two are the face of the dysfunctionally addictive relationship right now. After six years officially coupled up with plenty of drama, Joe and Tahiry finally called it quits. Joe tried to move on to another relationship with Kaylin and Tahiry had a couple of rebound smash sessions, but in the end, they’re back trying to “work it out.”

Nivea/Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne was well documented in his love for Nivea since way back when. But they ended up splitting and she ended up in a lengthy marriage to The Nightmare Dream that resulted in three children. The Dream even claimed to have stolen Nivea from Wayne, but that couldn’t have been very true since she eventually divorced him and popped out Wayne’s seed not long after.

Vanessa Bryant
In addition to getting caught creepin’ with a 19-year-old becky in 2003, Vanessa claimed that Kobe had been dirty-dogging her with chicks on the side for a while. She stuck by him for 8 years before finally filing for divorce in 2011, but eventually decided to call off the divorce 2 years later and stay married.

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    MiMi Faust 
    MiMi rode the “but he’s my babydaddy” train until the wheels on Steebie J’s bus fell off. He flaunted his fawkship with Joseline right in her face and she STILL took him back into her life….and her house. She seems to have gotten the picture now and moved on with a new man but, only time and season 3 of LHHATL will tell for sure.

    Rihanna/Chris Brown
    We all know how this one played out. Who would’ve thought that after all was said and done, Chrianna would be the last two standing…..and in the public eye, at that.

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