Celebrities Who Didn't Surprise Us When They Came Out

Not Surprising Anyone: Celebrities Who Didn’t Even Need To Tell Us They Were Gay

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Celebrities Who Didn’t Surprise Us When They Came Out

Celebrities always feel the need to make these grandiose announcements to tell people they’re coming out of the closet. But the fact is, the closet seems pretty open half the time. These celebrities made the brave steps to tell us they were coming out of the closet, but, really, we knew all along.

Still, congrats on making that move. But we knew it all along.

Rosie O’Donnell – We peeped game back in A League Of Their Own so when she came out we were privy to it.

Rachel Maddow – She dresses like a Wall Street businessman, so we knew what was going down.

Wanda Sykes (And her super hot boo) – There was no reason to suspect. We already saw it coming.

E.J. Johnson – Magic’s son isn’t fooling anyone who’s seen pictures of him.

Anderson Cooper – At least he put thirsty women out of their misery.

Elton John – Who’s shocked?

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Ricky Martin – He held on to his lie for as long as he could, but even Barbara Walters knew.

Clay Aiken – Yup. Could have saved that headline, buddy.

Sean Hayes – Did he really have to make an announcement or did we just need to watch Will & Grace closer?

Matt Dallas

Cynthia Nixon – She was maybe too convincing on SATC.

Lance Bass – You had to have seen it coming.

Jodie Foster – She came out in 2007…after it was a foregone conclusion.

Jane Lynch – She’s also very convincing in her roles…



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