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Celebrities Accused Of Stealing Ideas

The saying goes that no good idea is original. And we tend to believe it. With so many people coming up with innovative ideas, it’s pretty sure that somebody will come up with something someone already thought of. And when that happens someone inevitably throws shade for being “swagger jacked.” Are they being sensitive or do they have legitimate gripes?

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Jay-Z – Kanye West once rapped that he felt Jay was biting him by stealing his idea of doing a song with Coldplay. Clearly they ironed it all out.

Jay-Z and Kanye – Drake and Lil Wayne felt like the idea of a joint album was stolen, thus some of the subliminal shots as of late.

Beyonce – The word is that Kelly Rowland is upset because she thinks B took her idea to have a bunch of rappers from Texas on her song.

Master P –Big Boi of Outkast was upset because P had a song called “Hooty Hoo” right after Outkast had it.

Master P (Again) – Jermaine Dupri and others thought Lil Romeo was stealing the idea of Bow Wow.

Cam’Ron – He released a song that just played back all the songs Jay-Z had bitten from other rappers, however, someone had already done just about the same video online already.

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Tyler Perry – He was sued for stealing the idea to Good Deeds from a book. But who would want to admit to coming up with the idea first?

Biggie – Nas’ debut, Illmatic, had a picture of him as a kid on the cover. Then Ready To Die had a kid on the cover, making people (*cough* Wu-Tang Clan *cough*) said Biggie was a biter for doing it.

Juvenile –His last album cover looked JUST LIKE DRAKE’S! SMH, you can’t be serious, Juve.

Drake – Big Sean dropped this rap style coined “Supa Dupa Flow” and Drake took it and ran with it, using it all through his first album and singles.



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