Just Do It: 10 Things That Need To Happen On Part 2 Of The Love And Hip Hop NY Reunion Show

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It would only be right…

10 Things That Should Happen On The Love And Hip Hop Reunion

Last night, part 1 of the Love & Hip Hop NY Season 3 reunion show aired.

If you watched, then you know that there was a lot going on and probably even more to come when part 2 airs next week.

But there was also a lot that didn’t happen last night that most people watching have been waiting to see allllllll season long.  The good thing?  There’s still time for all the things that didn’t happen yet to take place.

So, without further delay, here are list of things we feel should go down next Monday on part 2 of the LHHNY Season 3 reunion show.

Let us know if we missed anything…and peep a recap over at Madame Noire if YOU missed anything.

Kaylin Should Go OFF
Kaylin’s humble demeanor that she’s maintained throughout this season of LHHNY despite her boyfriend and his ex playing an endless game of ‘We Can’t Be Friends” right in front of her face  is certainly to be commended. But there has to be some small part of her that wants to yell out “FAWK YO HISTORY!!” and storm off set a la sir Randy Watson in “Coming To America.” Just let it out girl.

Consequence Should Bite Raqi In The Arm
Pending confirmation that his denture glue is up for the challenge, Consequence should use them tiger teeth and do what he knows he’s wanted to ever since Raqi made his little Jenny Boo get all riled up. Besides, what’s a little  nibble between friends?

Rashida Should Announce Her McDonald’s Endorsement Live On Stage
A real “boss bish” wouldn’t be ashamed to let the world know that she’s making it Ronald McDonald rain on the rest of these hoes. Besides, Rashida told BOSSIP about her happy meal money deal WEEKS ago. Don’t believe us? Just watch……..the video HERE.

Joe Budden Should Bedazzle A Jean Vest Live On Stage
Aint no vest like a Joe B vest cause a Joe B vest has rooooooocks! The blingy kind, that is. Thousands of fans everywhere are waiting for Joe to share his secrets to studded success as displayed this season on LHHNY. It’s only right.

Tahiry Should Get Up, TURN AROUND And…..Stand There
We’re just sayin. What’s a Love and Hip Hop NY ANYTHING without a Tahiry a** shot??

Yandy Should Do Her Baby Shower Jig From Episode One
You KNOW you want to see it again.

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    Somebody…ANYBODY…Should Remove Erica Mena’s Shoulder Pads And Smack Her With Them
    Something’s gotta give with this broad. Plus, she wore a full-length canary yellow prom dress to come sit on stage and profess her love for Rich Dollaz on national television. Sigh. Speaking of Rich…

    Mama Dollaz Should Send Rich To The Corner……Of A Hoe Rehab Center
    Rich seems to actually be done with Erica…..but now he’s moved on to Superhead! Yep, intervention is needed. ASAP.

    Lore’l Should Ghost Rap For Rashidah On The “I Hit It First” Remix (Dedicated To Mandeecees And Yandy)
    Gotta milk that voice for all it’s worth, girl!

    Raqi And Jen Should Seek Mentorship From LL Cool J And Brad Paisely
    If Jen can just accept the du rag, MAYBE Raqi would embrace the red flag. No? Oh.

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