What Is Wrong With This Picture?

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Nope, these aren’t 2013 Halloween costumes. They’re photos from the latest spread in VOGUE Netherlands magazine

Vogue Netherlands Issue Features White Model In Blackface

Yet ANOTHER European publication has jumped on the “blackface” bandwagon.

The editorial photo shoot, which features a clearly white model made up in blackface, was supposedly intended to honor fashion designer Marc Jacobs work for fellow Louis Vutton over the years but yet again fails to see the racially offensive undertones of using a caucasian model outfitted in blackface to portray a black woman.

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The spread was intended to honor Marc Jacobs’ work over the years for Louis Vuitton. For the fall, 2008, and spring, 2009, seasons, Jacobs took inspiration from black beauty icons Grace Jones and Josephine Baker.

To represent those seasons — rather than hiring a black model — Vogue Netherlands painted Jansen’s face black and had her wear a wig intended to mimic the texture of black hair.

Vogue Paris pioneered the recent blackface trend in fashion with a 2009 editorial featuring Lara Stone and shot by Steven Klein. Blackface was subsequently copied by Numéro, L’Officiel Hommes, V, Numéro (again), and the makeup brand Ilamasqua.

The blackface trend is so old, in fashion terms, that it’s even been copied by America’s Next Top Model. Even ignoring, for argument’s sake, the fact that blackface is offensive to many people, you’d think that fashion’s tastemakers would conclude that blackface is, like, totally played out.

This is getting soooooo OLD. Are there NO black models in Europe??? SMH.

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