Swagger Jacker: Did Shady Ci-Error Steal Her “Body Party” Single From Indie Artist/Songwriter Spree Wilson? [Video]

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Wouldn’t put it past Ci-Error to do something so shady. The singer who is hoping to make an Epic comeback may have borrowed the beat to her new “Body Party” single from a fellow Atlanta artist.

Peep this excerpt about Spree Wilson’s current project via Billboard:

His latest single “All I Need” is a track sure to impress his big brothers. The song samples the Ghost Town DJs hit, “My Boo,” and over booming production Spree speaks on a familiar situation. “It’s just a great song. Who can’t relate to meeting the right one at the wrong time? It’s universal,” he says.

But the song, including the sample, stirred up controversy within the Atlanta music industry. A month before Spree Wilson premiered “All I Need,” the rapper heard his idea behind the song — of revamping bass music while incorporating the spirit of the genre into a brand new project — on the radio in the form of Ciara’s “Body Party.” After “Body Party” premiered in March, via Billboard, the same circle of Atlanta industry insiders knew exactly where the idea came from. Spree refrains from saying names but he details the event that led to the whispers around the city.

According to Spree, his friend shared a bit of the “All I Need” instrumental with one of the producers behind “Body Party.”

“The producer said, ‘Man, we really need this for her. You should give this song to her…'” he recalls. “I was like, ‘Cool. If she hops on my record.’ But I never heard anything back for a while. Then, I get a phone call from one of my good friends who’s friends with her A&R and they’re like, ‘Yo, she’s about to come out with some new music. She’s got this bass music song though.'”

Once Spree heard the song, he knew that the idea had come directly from him and his team. After all, when was the last time any artist dropped a single with bass music inspirations? “I was like, ‘Man, they really took the idea,'” he says, “I don’t know that she was in the room because my friend played it for her team. Shit was fawking crazy though. It was a good lesson. Don’t ever play your music for people.”

So… instead of her label approaching Spree to give him his publishing propers, they just ganked it? SMH. That isht cray.

Listen to the two songs and tell us how badly you think Cici ripped Spree off:

Interestingly that’s not the only thing that Ci-Error “borrowed” from another artist.

Hit the flip to see what we mean and to check out a preview of the “Body Party” video.

And this is even more blatant! SMH.

Do you think that Ci-Error will be loved and respected on the level of Janet Jackson?

Hit the flip to see what she and Future have been up to so far this weekend.

Cici and her boo Future were spotted kicking it with her friend Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy Friday.

Hit the flip to see the photos he shared of the happy couple.

And Cici has been busy promoting the video release for “Body Party,” which drops Monday … wonder if that will be a rip off too.

Judging from the preview, it looks like it was “influenced” by the OG “My Boo” video. We see you Future

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