What Would Beysus Do? Report On Illuminati “Religion” Links Camel To The Shady Spirituality

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Hov just can’t shake those rumors of ties with the illuminati.

A recent story on Peaches Geldof linking the British socialite to the Ordo Templi Orientis, known as OTO revealed a whole lotta history on the mysterious cult, which some say is Satanic. But Geldof isn’t the only subject of the story, Jay-Z is also named in the report.

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Peep what Daily Mail had to say about Peaches and OTO:

When Peaches Geldof chose to share her ‘religious’ convictions with her 148,000 followers on Twitter, it lifted the lid on a much more sinister world than first impressions would suggest.

The socialite, 24, is a devotee of Ordo Templi Orientis, known as OTO, and even has the initials tattooed on her left forearm.

lingerie london 17 241012

Given her tendency to flit between fads and fashions (at one point she was a Scientologist, more recently she has wandered into Judaism), this could be dismissed as another harmless flirtation.

But a closer look at OTO — and Aleister Crowley, its founding ‘prophet’ — gives the lie to that assumption.


Crowley, who was born into an upper-class British family in 1875, styled himself as ‘the Great Beast 666’. He was an unabashed occultist who, prior to his death in 1947, revelled in his infamy as ‘the wickedest man in the world’.

His form of worship involved S&M sex rituals with men and women, spells which he claimed could raise malevolent gods and the use of hard drugs, including opium, yayo, h-ron and mescaline.

Crowley’s motto — perpetuated by OTO — was ‘do what thou wilt’. And it is this individualistic approach that has led to a lasting fascination among artists and celebrities, of whom Peaches is the latest in a long line.

Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, for example, routinely took part in occult magical rituals and was so intrigued by Crowley he bought his former home, Boleskine House, on the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland.

And there are now OTO lodges scattered around the country, practising the same ceremonial rituals and spreading the word of Crowley.

While membership is secret, Peaches is said to have been initiated into it, raising the prospect that many of her impressionable fans could try to do the same.

SMH. Sounds crazy.

Hit the flip for what they had to say about Jay-Z…

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