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Kim K gets a Razzie Nomimination F-Listed

Penelope Cruz and a look at the Oscar Nods Lossip

Notorious’ Jamal Woolard Charged with Assault Livesteez

Bill O’Reilly “Claims” He Isn’t a Racist Bossip Throwback

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  • Ayita Loves Adam


    Kim K=Attention Whore

  • Octavia

    LOL at Bossip for still not getting the picture. NO ONE CARES!


    She should get the biggest ho award for CHOCOLATE BALL GUZZLING, she’d win hands down, hell I’d vote for her ass twice, no better yet I’d be her campaign manager. Superhead would be jealous!


    Kim K got a worse actress nominee?? Was it for lousy portrayal of laying on her stomach and pretending to moaning “porn flick” loudly in that sex tape??

  • who is she


  • jim beez


  • K-mia

    I got love for talentless people who still manage to become rich and famous, because most people would take that opportunity if they could. Anyway, Kim looks a lot more like her mom when she has no makeup on.

  • black woman

    i allways said kim looks like her mother which is a bad ass look cuase kim mother is ugly and kim is ugly cause she look like her mother and she looking she on crack right damn kim is ugly i guess when your such slut it takes a tow on your life.

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    Sorry black woman. Kim K is not ugly, she’s one of hottest chicks in the game

  • shay

    For some odd reason, i like Kim K!

  • me01

    Why does Bossip continue to try and sell this individual to us? She is a NOBODY….next……..

  • me01

    I think Bossip has signed a contract with Christina Milian and Kim K..somebody is getting paid under the table to continue to post anything about these two individuals….they are like dust in the wind…


    @roosevelt taylor-YOU ARE CRAZY LMAO!

    I agree with you I believe a lot of theses gossip blogs have contracts with this ho because they talk about her too much for doing absolutely nothing.

  • Zina {The original princess}

    Man, her face is forever changing.

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