Matchmakers: Celebrities Who Would Make Perfect Couples

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Celebrities Who Would Make Perfect Couples

People shouldn’t be lonely. We hate seeing single people who want to go out and fall in love but can’t quite make it happen. So we see these single people out in the world and figured that we could try to make them work out.

So sit back and let Bossip play matchmaker. Let us know any others you may have in mind.

Chris Brown and Serena Williams – Because when he wanted to get beside himself and start smacking people around she could check his tiny a$$.

Ray J and Superhead – They like blabbing about who they hit…they could just trade stories all the live long day.

Tiger Woods and Coco – They’re both dirty dogs who love swirling it up. Match made in Clinic heaven.

Rihanna and Drake – Just to make Breezy cry in the car.

Egypt and Blue Ivy – Give them about 18 years, but we could see it happening.

The Rock and Stacey Dash – Two older single stars who need to be next to someone beautiful. Makes sense to us.

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    Lauryn Hill and Ja Rule – They could work out their taxes together.

    Kris Humphries and Karrueche – They got left sad and lonely so they can cry into each other’s arms.

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