Model Severely Damages Her Face By Injecting Cooking Oil

Daaaaayyyuum: Korean Model Mangles Her Face By Injecting It With Cooking Oil After Doctors Refused To Do Plastic Surgery [Before & After Photos]

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Just another reason why you should learn to be happy in your own skin…

Model Severely Damages Her Face By Injecting Cooking Oil In Plastic Surgery Attempt

A Korean model and singer who became addicted to plastic surgery has now done irreversible damage to her face after she took measures into her own hands when doctors refused to perform any more surgery.

via International Business Times

A former Korean model addicted to plastic surgery injected cooking oil into her face when doctors refused to perform any more cosmetic operations on her.

Hang Mioku, now about 50 years old, has been left with a badly disfigured face following her desperate attempt to attain softer and smoother skin.

Mioku had her first plastic surgery when she was 28 years old, and soon became obsessed. She moved to Japan to pursue her career and underwent several more bouts of surgery, Mail Online reports.

However, after undergoing repeated operations to enhance her looks, doctors refused to provide her with any more silicone injections when her face became noticeably enlarged.

A desperate Mioku then injected an entire bottle of black market silicone into her face and finally decided to inject cooking oil, leaving her cheeks and forehead severely swollen and scarred.

Following the do-it-yourself beauty treatment, Mioku was left so disfigured that her own parents could not recognize her. When doctors analysed her, it was confirmed she was suffering from a psychological disorder.

All of this to be what she thought was “more beautiful.” SMH.

Hit the flip for a timeline of pics showing the evolution of Hang’s face from model to plastic surgery nightmare, on the flip…

Photo Credit: YouTube/Pinkfreud62

She started out as a young and pretty aspiring model…

Then the plastic surgery began….

It looks like this is where things started to go downhill…

and now, 50 years later, she is left with this face after taking matters into her own hands…

Not only has she damaged her face beyond repair, but she also went through an immense amount of pain trying to save what was left of her face…

Doctors did what they could….

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…and she will continue to undergo reconstructive surgery…

But the worst of the damage has already been done.

Moral of the story: Learn to love yourself as you are. No amount of beauty is worth this.


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