Liar, Liar: Bossip Names The Most Untrustworthy Celebrities In The Game

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The Most Untrustworthy Celebrities

The good folks at inagist came up with a list of the most trustworthy celebrities in the world. And while it was cool to see, we know a few people on that list and otherwise who are exactly the opposite. You ever hear the statement, “you can trust someone as far as you can throw him”? Well that’s how we feel about these celebrities. So we’re going to take it to the opposite end of the spectrum. Here are some celebrities we don’t think we could ever trust fully.

Kim Kardashian – She had a slore-y marriage that she swore was real. We know better. We can’t help but look at all her relationships as iffy since.

Rick Ross – He lies. About EVERYTHING. Next.

Suge Knight – No one’s been able to trust him since Pac died. Be real.

Jay-Z – He’s just so secretive with all the allegations of kids and Illuminati stuff. Something is fishy about Jigga.

Donald Trump – He’s just an all-around piece of trash and no one should trust him.

Fox News – Not a single one of them are trustworthy. And they’re supposed to give us the news? No way.

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    Drake – He wants to steal your chick, so you can’t leave her around him. Is that trust? Nope.

    Birdman – With all the complaints about YMCMB not paying people like they should and Birdman is the guy who takes the brunt of the criticism.

    Wyclef – The whole issue of his charity is really making us feel like we can’t trust him. Beware.

    Dr. Dre – He swore his album’s been coming out for years. Nothing. You’ve broken our trust. And we bet you’re not even a real doctor!

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