Random Ridiculousness: Aww Damn

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

The one in the black looks like she don’t give a damn about a camera, she came to the shoot strictly for the buffet. SMH.

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  • grillfixer


  • grillfixer

    SMH!!! Colder!!! but i kinda laughed!!



  • doasisaydo

    The sad thing (well in addition to the obvious) they probably are married to, or dating black men. We know that when it comes to these women the black man’s standards are no where to be found. It is a sad reality. Move on my sisters, there are plenty of men of the lighter persuasion that love us like we are supposed to be loved. Move on!

  • cutemama007

    Double u o double u.
    I love the walmart bra and panty sets.

  • Kayro Syrup (Thick Dark & Sweet)

    Are they auditioning for the next biggest loser?

    @doasisaydo: Are you high or just mad that you don’t have a black man? Did he dump you for a white girl? I guess I have to apologize for him. But no need to open your mad Black woman diary on the rest of us.

    I wouldn’t touch one of these cows to save my life. There are planty of good Black men out there. It just takes a good Black woman to find one. So before you dis us, take a look in the mirror. Check yourself first before you derail other sisters.

  • cutemama007

    @ doa..how in the hell can u tell that these women are married to black men? Your statement went wayyyyy over my big ass dome. It would’ve been different if u saw leroy in the middle of those two whales skinin and grinin, but you don’t. WOW………….

  • http://joiia.blogspot.com Juicy J

    That’s sad. They might as well pull out a Sharpie and write “I Enjoy Hurting Myself” over those Michelin Man bodies. This is a version of watching a webcast suicide, only it takes YEARS to finish the job. Get it together people.

  • grillfixer

    wow @doasisaydo.. u must b a rabalrouser, just on here 4 bossip to get the sh*t goin, cause i just don’t want 2 believe that n e Black person male or female could actually think that way!! if so, Every1 can c y u don’t have a black man in ur life, SMH

  • beloved

    WTF,nasty they need to carry the ass over to subway and eat a salad

  • Aunt Viv


  • adiamondcenter


  • Aunt Viv

    SMH @ the fat fetish pervert who took the picture.

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    @ aunt viv




  • brightseat_bully

    1) y’all got me prayin to that white porcelain god right about now

    2) lmao that they’re eating mcdonald’s.

    3) no comment really. just me earlin again.

  • niasia

    Young…that is all I can say….just… young (DC colloqiualism)…LOL!!!

  • grillfixer

    Wut did the place smell like? mc donalds or mc doo doo!!!?? can u imagine!!

  • Lils

    My eyes, my stomach – my eyes and my stomach…uggggh

  • Somer

    The really sad part is both can pull a black professional athlete before Nia, Gabby and Sanaah.

  • sugar&spice

    Oh my dayum. In addition to going blind, I just threw up in my mouth. *gags*

  • [B]



  • [B]




  • http://comcast 533

    There are Niggas in Lansing, MI that will die for these type of chics… No bullshit, and it looks disgusting..

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