Cameras Off: 9 Rumored Amateur Flicks NOBODY Wants To See

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Adult Home Videos No One Wants To See

Freaky home videos can launch careers. Just look at teen mom or Kim Kardashian. But others’ “videos” make us want to grab the women and children and hide for cover. These nine contenders were all either rumored or actually released and goodness gracious they are disgusting to think about.

So take a look at nine tapes we want destroyed and burned from our memories.

Hulk Hogan – He’s got a tape that the folks at Gawker uncovered. And it’s disgusting. Please make it go away.

Bobby Valentino – Rumor has it someone has his tape. If the chick is on point we’ll watch. But can they pixelate him out?

Jon Gosselin – Rumors have spread that Jon from Jon and Kate Plus 8 has an adult flick but it never surfaced. Thank God because…ew.

R. Kelly – Of course, the one tape that was allegedly him and a teenager. But there are apparently more floating around. We don’t need any of that.

Rick Ross – He allegedly had a tape drop in 2010. It’s currently being used to torture terrorists.

Gene Simmons – His old crusty a$$ doesn’t need to be exposed to anyone. Ever.

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    Screech – Dustin Diamond has a flick that was widely circulated. If you watched it you are unsaved and unclean.

    Chyna – Want to see She-Hulk give another wrestler a rub and tug? Didn’t think so.

    Fred Durst – Seriously.

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