For The Stans: Your Weekend Beyonce Crack

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Beyonce doesn’t like the sales of her last album and is already cooking up another one:

The 26-year-old singer has asked dance act The Freemasons to work on a new song for her next LP after her last offering B-Day failed to sell as well as hoped.

James Wiltshire, one half of the duo, said: “The album is going to be huge. It will rival anything the likes of Britney and Rihanna have done recently. Beyoncé and her team can see where mistakes were made on her last album. “That was very American, very r‘n’b and stripped back. This time they want to go for a more international sound and hit as many audiences as possible. Normally big stars don’t take any notice of smaller acts like ours, so her decision to work with us shows just where she is going with this album.”

What’s the rush Matthew? This album may be worse, her handlers should fall back, we think about 7 years would good. Her handlers need some time to write some decent songs and create a new personality for her to market.


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  • mOmi


  • Amani

    Congrats to her hope it work out.

  • NYCPryncess

    This may be a dumb question, but what does “stans” mean?


    P.S. Big Birthday Shout out to Alexi Darling!!!! I know you read this!!!!!

  • yes

    I always wondered what stand meant, but I think it’s like that Eminem song Stan, that crazy fan, yeah. I could be wrong though.

  • Doc-2-B

    stan: it was explained to me as a mix of stalker/fan…fans to the extreme. but the eminem/stan definition works too.

  • Harlem Chic

    I loves B; but another album? Dang? …why is she so afraid to take a rest? She must be hella insecure; but then again dem pretty broads usually are…

  • mushyinfectedyellowpus


  • CHiCitY

    I love Beyonce…im glad shes comin out with another album!! I didnt see anything wrong with her last one, I loved it!! And stop hatin on her…damn…its so old!

  • honey

    wow beyonce is getting very power hungry she needs to step back and do a alicia keys/justin timberlake

    people tired of seeing your ass all the time

    its like she cant bare to see other acts out there why she always feel the need to be out

    take a long break b seriously i was a fan now im just plain tired

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive?

    Yeah umm a break will do you some good. Like honey said, look @ Justin Timberlake. I feel he didn’t even come out with his best single first but I wanted him to come out with another album b/c he was gone for so long. Look at Madonna and her album sales when she finally came back out. Waiting could do you some good. It’s like when Missy came out with two albums in the same year. I bought one thinking all the songs were on that album, not knowing she made another album?!? It makes me fel like you want your money and you are not doing it for the love of the music. I love B but enjoy your life like these other artist.

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive?

    that Justin line: I meant he didn’t come out strong but sold so many records. (Sorry i am sleepy 😦 )

  • puhleez

    @mary j. blige,

    i respect mary and all but everyone knows that she sold over 700k cause it was around the holidays. a strategy that worked cause she’s using it again. also she may have sold 700k in the first week but bee ended up outselling her in the us AND worldwide. try again!

    and once again, this story IS NOT true. it was taken from a damn tabloid!

  • Angela

    I thought B’Day was a dance album.

  • Cha/DC

    Lawd knows I don’t care for Beyonce and her music. Too much high pitched singing for me. I’m more of a neo-soul music lover.

    Anyway to the point… you people have to look at the bigger picture here, it’s NOT about her “breaking”, “allowing herself to be missed” or any of the stuff you keep complaining about. The deal is Beyonce only has a couple of albums to do before her contract is up w/ Columbia Records and they either gonna have to come up w/ some serious dough to keep her or she is out. Which I personally think is the latter. I don’t think that it was a coincidence that story happened to leak out regarding Jaz-Z & her forming their own record label. It makes sense to cut out the middle man (CR) and make/keep all that money for yourselves. Bey and her team have been w/ Columbia from the start and it’s time to move on to bigger and better!

    I don’t care what nobody says,, Jay-Z, Fiddy and Puffy know how to make that money and stay on top!! You think Jay-Z is not going to show his girl & daddy how to do it even better. It’s all about taking care of what needs to be done first and that’s ending her obligation to that contract. IT’S BUSINESS and I say let Beyonce handle hers. You think that girl don’t want to chill out on her new yacht (seen the pics) and be on vacay?!? She is handling HER BUSINESS! You think you are sick of her now, then think about when/if this company is formed and they really become The “UNSTOPPABLE” POWERHOUSE COUPLE!!!!

    (Sorry for the long post,,,,Bored)

  • BETH

    bee need to spend quality time sucking jay’s deformed dick

  • jade


    No beyonce was not the highest selling female of 06, carrie underwood was, and no b-day was not the best selling album of 06, High school musical was, bday came in #11- look at wikipedia.

  • jade

    Also whatever wikipedia says b-day sold 3.7 mil worldwide, not 7 mil,

    Sorry the # did not sound right, people (including me) dont buy music we download it—for free 🙂

  • Mary J Blige

    can somebody please tell Jade that wikipedia is not the Bible? even i gotta give Beyonce more than 3.7 million worldwide. I mean come on, you tryin to say that apart from America she only sold 700,000 copies of B-Dirt?use your common sense folks

  • http://n/a Rae Rae

    “oversaturation, and overexposure”

    So True, it’s as if her management, thinks as long as the offers are there, people want her. No, her last albums reception shows you people are tired of her. I’am not hating, I’m proud of Beyonce, and we all know she is damn talented. However, we all wish she would go away for at least a year or two, she is every commercial, print ad, online gossip piece, and we are just tired of seeing her face. Let someone else in that family shine, let Kelly have her turn, and everyone jump on supporting her FOR REAL, or let Solange come out and guide that girl into her due, or even WAKE UP and dispose of that House of Dereon, and make MISS TINA the major major major line it should be. The Knowles are gonna cake anyway, they don’t have to shove Beyonce down our throats to get it.

  • lucky

    I’t wouldn’t matter thier are more rep soucres out here that says Beyonce wasn’t number#1 at whole lott of things 1Female,Concert,Albulm sales so on so forth. So basically she was in the top5 or the top10.

    But i will agree bee is trying to get out of her contract.As far as jay @ Bee working together they had a post about this last year and lot of people didn’t think it was good idea.

    If that crap work for them god bless because i definitly don’t buy any of thjier crap anyway.

  • kelis

    Thank you Rae Rae. I couldn’t have said it better.

  • Chelly

    I so sick of this broad. Damn!! When is gonna give it a rest. Let the fan have a chance to miss yah black ass.It’s kinda like wearing out your “WELCOME”. And that’s the direction this broad is headed. She’s played. Give it a rest alreay gurl. Let some one else have a chance to shine.

  • puhleez

    lol at fools using wikipedia as their source. i can go on there and change anything. who the hell cares? if someone told you to stop coming and posting on this site EVERY damn day, would you? hell no, you would choose to do whatever teh hell you wanted to do. so bee should choose to do whatever the hell she wants to do. if you tired of her, i suggest you turn off your tv, change the radio and turn the page. you got hands for a reason.

  • lil kev

    She’s Fine As Hell WTF Is We Talkin Bout

  • SoulHunter
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