Crabs: Black Celebrities Who Went In On Black America

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Black Celebrities Who Offended Black Community

We’re led to believe that Black celebrities will have our backs at all times. That they’ll support the cause while we support them.
But, um, that’s not always the case.

Often times, Black celebrities say some nasty things about their own race and feel our wrath. Maybe they were justified. Maybe not. But we have to sit back and wonder.

Here are some celebrities who had some critical words about the Black community and got chastised for it.

Lil Wayne – He allegedly went in on Black women saying he only wanted light skinned kids. But this was a groupie tale, plus he actually has a daughter that’s not light skinned. So it doesn’t sound very true.

Miguel – He just said Black people were too critical. Is he right?

Bill Cosby – He definitely went in, saying Black people need to be more accountable. Some saw it as elitist but others saw it as important.

Herman Cain – He said Black people were pro-Democrat because the Republican Black people were busy at work during the poling.

Taye Diggs – He offended Black women by his insistence on White ladies and not backing down from it.

LL Cool J – He said he’d forgive slavery if white people forgave his du-rag. You friggin serious?

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    Eve – She went in on Black men who dissed her for her going white. Don’t be jealous, fellas.

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