Beyotch Don’t Kill Our Vibe: 9 Celebrities In Need Of An Attitude Adjustment

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Fame can sometimes get to celebrities’ heads. Sure all of us have a bad day every once in a while, but these celebs take the cake.

Here are 9 celebrities in need of an attitude makeover.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is speeding down residential neighborhoods where little children play, damn near getting his azz beat by Keyshawn Johnson, and he might have a little Biebster on the way. Maybe if he adjusted his attitude he wouldn’t have half these problems.

K Michelle

Every time we turn around K Michelle is yelling at someone. First it was MempHitz, then she was mad she was the opening act of a Lyfe Jennings concert, now she has turned on her friend Mimi Faust.

She has a new album on the way. She needs to stop fussing with people and focus on that.

Chris Brown

Chris’ bad attitude is the reason trouble follows him. He had a bad attitude when he whipped Ri Ri’s azz.

He was in a pissy mood when he broke that window at Good Morning America and recently he cussed out his management on Twitter. Anger management anyone?


Miguel needs to find a new attitude before he gets hit with another lawsuit.

What were you thinking ninja, doing the Hulk Hogan leg drop on that girl? Plus he thinks black people are the most judgmental.

Miguel don’t forget you may have that good hair from your Mexican side, but you’re still half black.

Sharon Carpenter

Sharon may have worked for the BBC and other big time corporations, but she works for Global Grind now. All this hating on Ms. Drama and her thinking she is better than her peers needs to stop.

It doesn’t matter what you used to do, it matters what you are doing now.

Kanye West

Kanye is incredibly talented, but he has always acted a little stank. Chasing after photographers in a rage and fawking yourself up in the process is not cool.

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    Shyne was the man back in the day. However he has been banned from America and other countries, but still takes shots at Kendrick Lamar. Either homie is a playa hater or he’s just mad he’s walking around looking fugazi.

    Keyshia Cole

    Somebody needs to get Frankie’s child. She dissed the ish out of Michelle Williams and even came at King Bey. Thank God Lil’ Mo checked her.


    The queen of disses needs to slow her roll. She was dead wrong for mocking Ciara’s singing on Twitter (even though Ciara can’t sing).

    She damn near made that girl who attacked her family on Twitter want to commit suicide. Finally she has been clowning Karrueche all year.

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