Abs Aren’t Enough: Men Who Are Built But The Faces Aren’t What’s Hot

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Ray Benzino

Men With Butter Faces

Women are supposed to be much less superficial than men. So they need more than six pack abs and chiseled chests. They want good smiles and great personalities. That’s why these men are looked at as having butter faces for women to pass over.

We did it for the women, so the men get some. Here are some famous male butter faces.

vin-diesel 2

Vin Diesel




Michael Phelps

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman

Puff Daddy performs and Lil Wayne makes an appearance at Memorial Day Weekend at Rehab

Lil Wayne


Michael Strahan

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    Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson is seen in public for the first time since being arrested for domestic violence against new bride Evelyn Lozada. The disgraced football star had a lonely lunch at his favorite cuban joint, David's Cafe, wearing a shirt that said 'I Just Want To Love You.' He also sported a fresh tattoo purported to show Lozada's face on his leg. Perhaps the shirt and tattoo were messages for Lozada, who filed for divorce last month after she told police Johnson allegedly became violent during a confrontation over a receipt for condoms she discovered, leading Chad to reportedly head-butt her. Chad looked sombre as he chatted on the phone while eating and later seemed a little angry as he left the restaurant, however no one appears to have been head-butted as he made his way to the car.

    Chad Ochocinco


    Eric Williams


    Wesley Snipes

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