When Twerking Goes Wrong: Pregnant Houston Skripper Suffers Miscarriage While Bustin It Open On Stage

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Houston Dancer Suffers Miscarriage While Performing On Stage

An allegedly popular “dirty-dancer” from Houston twerked it a little too hard while on stage during a recent “performance” as she was rushed to the hospital after bleeding out in mid-twerk from reportedly suffering a miscarriage.

via News One

Houston [skripper] and sometimes-model Jhonni Blaze (pictured) reportedly had a miscarriage on stage while in the throes of twerking, the latest dance craze that involves moving the booty and hips in a vigorous up and down motion, according to the Examiner.

Last Wednesday, as the young performer was reportedly twerking on stage, she began to bleed profusely.

When Blaze left the stage, witnesses allege, that she went in to a convulsion. The paramedics were immediately summoned, transporting her to the nearest emergency room, where she was reportedly given a transfusion.

The self-described “pole assassin” and proclaimed “Queen of Houston” was reportedly treated for a miscarriage.

Although Blaze has not officially confirmed the miscarriage, she did manage to tweet the day after the incident that she was in pain

We’re truly at a loss for words…..

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