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Good box is hard to find, but these celebrity women have their hello kitty game on lock. Here are 10 celebrity women who have that get right.

Angelina Jolie Angelina stole Brad from Jennifer and so the box game has to be on 100. She had Billy Bob Thorton’s azz walking around wearing bottles of her blood.

Gabrielle Union She is another homewrecking hoe, but she was chilling with the Miami Heat popping bottles… she’s doing something right.

Kim Kardashian Ray J is still writing songs about her and the beyotch managed to get knocked up by Kanye. It’s rumored she’s already planning their wedding. Good box can do that.

Amber Rose “Started From The Bottom” should be Amber’s theme song. This dyke hoe was twerking her sloppy cakes at a strip club when she met Kanye. Now, she’s knocked by Wiz, about to be married and set for life. We want her box.

Naomi Campbell They might not still be together, but her box bagged her a billionaire. What has your box bagged you?

Beyonce Jigga man once rapped he would never give his heart to a woman. This is the same man who let Superhead suck his peen. Way to go Bey.

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Rihanna Drake and Breezy fought over her West Indian box. That’s why Breezy is getting into all this trouble…he’s like an addict suffering withdrawal symptoms from the West Indian kitty kat.

Rita Ora Rita Ora had Rob Kardashian going out his mind with those Twitter rants. We thought we were going to find him face down in the tub Whitney Houston style.

Honey Her isht so good she made a ninja kill himself.

Lauryn Hill Her man left her, but her isht must have been hella tight because they had enough kids to start their own basketball league.



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