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8 Celebrities Who Should Stop Trying To Talk For Black America

Every time there’s a crisis, some famous person tried to hold the torch for Black America and say what’s on their minds. Unfortunately, most of these people are full of crap. Too often the people on TV speaking for Black America don’t know what the hell they’re talking about they don’t represent us.

So from now on, let’s get these celebrities out the paint ASAP.

Al Sharpton – It’s been a while since he’s said anything of importance, and his rush to defend Paula Deen is disgusting.

Jesse Jackson – Same goes for Jesse. Chill, bro.

Toure – He lost us with that crap about “You’re Zimmermaning me, man!” He just says what he thinks White America would think is controversial. We’re over it.

Roland Martin – He couldn’t wait to defend Paula Deen. And we can’t wait to hand him a seat.

Kanye West – You let us down with this last album that was supposed to be all revolutionary but it just turned out to be you wanting to bang ethnic chicks.

Stacey Dash – You don’t speak for us with your trolling. Never have. Never will.

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Allen West – Nope. Just, nope.


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