A Lady In The Street: 9 Celebrity Women Who Are Undercover Freaks

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Everybody knows the obvious freaks like Rihanna and company, but there are still that select group of women who leave much to the imagination.

Here are 9 celebrity women who play the good girl in public, but get their freak on in private.

Alicia Keys

Red women have always been freaks. She got bird beak to leave Mashonda….obviously AK has some tricks up her sleeves.


Fantasia is one of those ugly women who are forced to be a freak to keep a man because she falls short in the looks department.


Ciara got some matrix moves…..type of chick that can ride a long black peen with her kitty kat and anus at the same damn time. Making the twat twerk….now that’s talent.

Kelly Rowland

We like those kisses down low…makes us arch our back. Kelly is desperate for a hit so something tells us for the right price she’ll deepthroat a nice sized peen.

Erykah Badu

She freaked Andre 3000 and Jay Electronica. Plus, she stripped naked in a video in broad daylight….imagine what she does behind closed doors.


Beyonce is madly in love with Jay-Z. If he asked her nicely, she would probably bust it open in a threesome with Kelly and Michelle.

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    Jada Pinkett

    You already know Jada is a freak. Jada picks the hoes out, Will phucks them, and Jada eats their boxes. Team work.

    Katie Perry

    She was married to Russell Brand…when you’re married to a drug addict you have to be freaky.

    Miley Cyrus

    Miley’s been a freak for years….way before the twerking. You know white women can deepthroat a peen like no other.

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