Woman Accused Of Cheating With Kirk Frost Speaks Out

Ho Sit Down: Kirk’s Alleged Jacuzzi Jumpoff Claps Back After Being Put On Blast For Creepin’ With A Married Man- “Just Hide Your Husbands”

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Woman Accused Of Cheating With Kirk Frost Speaks Out

LHHATL fans have been in an uproar over the last few days after the latest episode of the show caught a still-very married Kirk Frost on camera as he lived out his dirty-dog dreams with a handful of groupies during a party he attended with fellow cast member Benzino.

But Kirk isn’t the only one catching backlash for his scumbag actions, as the woman whom he was seen heading into bedroom with on the episode has also now been called out and put on blast.

The woman, who goes by the name of Alexis, didn’t take too well to being aired out for being a homewreckin skeezoid….but she also wasn’t exactly ashamed of her actions. Hit the flip to hear what she had to say..

Needless to say, “Alexis” didn’t go quietly once Twitter found out who she was and came for her neck…

Alexis rounded out her bust back session with a few subliminal shots at Rasheeda….and anyone else with a husband who can’t keep his peen in his pants…

So, obviously, the real dirty-dog in this situation is Kirk, as he is the one who’s married and obligated to be faithful. That being a given, this bird babble might be some of the most thirst-bucket ish we’ve ever heard.

Getting paid to shamelessly slore yourself out on camera is never a good look, business or not. SMH.

More pics of Alexis clubbing with Kirk and Benzino, along with a few of her flicking it up with some of the other LHHATL cast members, on the flip.

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