Cold Wars: Celebrities You May Not Know Had Beef

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Celebrities Beefs You May Not Know About

When egos are involved, celebrities tend to get a bit crazy. And when that happens they start throwing stones and starting beefs. But so often these beefs get thrown under the rug and cooler heads prevail and we never hear about them.

So with that said, here are some feuds people may not have known about.

Biggie And Nas – They had a cold war feud that people didn’t know about until 2001. Apparently “Kick In The Door” was about Nas.

Nicki Minaj and Rihanna – Nicki was furious over Rihanna getting Drake in fights and legal trouble. They haven’t been really cool since.

Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes – They had a feud in high school that culminated in a rap battle. They’re clearly cool now.

Jay-Z and LL Cool J – Jay used to find LL and battle him when he was trying to get on. They’re cool now but it was a rough early years for Hov.

Drake And Lil Wayne – There was tension when Wayne was in jail and Drake was trying to do his own thing. Apparently, they’re cool now, though.

Kelly Rowland And Beyonce – They had some issues stemming from Kelly’s envy that she revealed later. They’re a big happy family again now.

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    D Wade And Shaq – By the time Shaq left Miami, he and Wade weren’t hardly talking. It’s all good now.

    Michael Jordan and Reggie Theus – Reggie Theus is a former Bull who Jordan hated because Theus dated his wife. They almost fought and everything.

    Snoop and Dr. Dre – They feuded when Snoop left Death Row for No Limit…then things got better when they started making music together again.

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