9 Celebrities Known For Homewrecking

Slore Season: 9 Celebrity Women Who Are Known For Their Homewreckin’ Ways

- By Bossip Staff
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Homewreckin’ seems to be a hobby in Hollyweird. Here are 9 celebrity women who played the clean-up woman to another woman’s man.

Alicia Keys

Alicia could have been a girl on fire for real after bending it low and spreading it wide to Swizz Beaks. That ninja got a Russian woman preggo and God knows who else.

LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn stole her man from her best friend…it doesn’t get any colder than that.

Gabrielle Union

Cougar Gabby stole that fine azz chocolate man Dewayne Wade from his crazy ex boo thang. Rumors say DeWayne beat on his ex, but no one seems to care…all that matters is poppin’ bottles with Drake at nightclubs. Hoes stay winning.

Mary Jane

It takes a special type of hoe to flaunt her whoredom on national TV. Somebody needs to pour holy water on this beyotch and send her on a trip to the free clinic.

Angelina Jolie

Maybe Angie did Jen a favor and scooped up Brad. Now he looks old as phuck, over-the-hill and still hasn’t won an Oscar. Plus having 6 million kids can cramp your style.


Joseline is a smart homewreckin’ hoe… she is pimping the isht out of this reality TV 15 minutes of fame. She should take that scrilla and get those man parts removed.

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When you’re happy to be a hoe that’s a problem. How many times has she caught dumb rappers with their peen out on Instagram? We think Superhead is the real reason Wayne had those seizures….STDs can give you seizures too, ( we don’t know…we’re just saying).

Lisa Raye

Lisa Raye wrote the handbook on homewreckin’ way before Superhead…..and made a D-List career out of it. Do you ever wonder why she wears white all the time? Is she trying to get in touch with her virgin self? Good luck with that.


Kimbella is the example of when homewreckin’ goes wrong. We still cringe at the footage of Chrissy giving her that uppercut. In the words of Floyd Mayweather “protect yourself at all times.”


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