Take A Look At Beyonce’s New Nickname…And 7 Other Lame Things She Gets Away With

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Don’t act like Beyonce doesn’t have her lame moments…

Beyonce’s Wack Moments She Gets Away With

Beyonce gets a free pass these days, but we all know she’s got some clunkers. She’s not flawless. No one is…of course! So we’re here to keep it 100 with you. Here are Beyonce’s lamest moments.

Let’s start with that new nickname.

Third Ward Trill – Your nicknames are wack. Sasha Fierce was wack and this new nickname for the persona she has when she raps over Jay-Z’s album is just as bad.

Her Acting – Yeah, we can’t let her slide as an actress. Ever.

Lighting Skin – How come Bey hasn’t said anything about those magazines lightening her skin? Or is she into it?

The Weave? – Has Jay even seen her real hair?

Rihanna Biting? – People have ignored the fact that Beyonce has sort of been biting Rihanna with her GQ covers and more freaky ways. But you’re Ray Charles to that, huh?

Facial Expressions – They’re corny, yo. Straight corny.

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    Lip Syncing – She does that all the time…not just at inaugurations.

    Open Letters – She pens an open letter to everything. Open letter to Serena Williams. Open letter to summertime. Open letter to Pringles. Blah blah.

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