Chit Chatter: Nick Cannon Says He’s Not Worried About Showing Off His Hood Pass And Talks Doctors Telling Him He Could Die

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Nick Cannon gets on his grown man ish for Rolling Out magazine

Nick Cannon Responds To Criticism Of His Image And Addresses His Health Issues

Comedic actor, rapper and “Wildin’ Out” host Nick Cannon is enjoying his life and paying no attention to the haters. Mr. Cannon-Carey, who has been constantly badgered about his lack of thuggery and mostly family-friendly image since he stepped into the limelight over a decade ago, recently graced the cover of Rolling Out magazine and took a second to dish on married life, his recent near-death health scare, what he thinks about his haters and more.

Check out a few interview excerpts below:

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On being married to Mariah:
“Being married to my wife is one of the easiest things about my life,” he shares. “It’s so natural and it’s rooted in love, so when you hear stuff, that doesn’t even resonate. It’s laughable at times. Obviously, like I said in my last stand-up special — I get it. I see how [our marriage] came out of left field and people were like ‘Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon? That don’t go together!’ But that’s what love is all about — especially the type of love we want to represent.”

On taking a break from the limelight:
“I actually purposely stepped out of the limelight for a minute. I wanted people to understand I was a businessman and I didn’t need to be in front of the camera — I didn’t need to be ‘Wild N Out!’ I actually took a corporate job and was running a television company — all of that was on purpose.”

“I had to take that time to grow as a husband and a father and a true executive and a businessman; without all of the accolades, without people questioning.

Nick also went into detail about where his health stands right now following his near death experience a few months ago and what he thinks about his haters. Hear what he had to say on the flip..

On his health issues and his days being numbered:
“My health scare last year was crazy because [when you have] doctors telling you ‘This might be it,’ and they’re preparing your family and saying it can go either way or there’s a 50/50 chance and all of that stuff, it puts life in perspective,” Cannon explains.

“I was a brand-new father — my kids weren’t even 1-year-olds at the time. And it was just like ‘If I do get a chance to do it again, I’m going to make sure all of the things that matter, I focus on. And the things that don’t matter, I let ‘em fall by the wayside.’ And because I still deal with the health condition to this day, it just makes me hungry and makes me grind harder, because we’re not promised tomorrow. I’m doing everything I can do to keep myself healthy, but at the same time, in the back of mind I [know] the clock is ticking. I need to leave my mark. That’s what everybody should do. You’ve got to leave this place better than it was when you got here. I feel like I can’t waste one day. That’s why when people say ‘your work ethic is crazy,’ I’m like ‘The clock is ticking.’ I gotta leave something.”

On his haters and the best thing about being Nick Cannon:
“People are going to have opinions, but I learned a long time ago [that] what other people think about me is none of my business. Now being a father, it’s not about me, it’s about instilling values into the next generation — my children — and trying to get them to see life in a certain way.”

“The best thing about being Nick Cannon is my kids,” he adds. “Just waking up every day seeing them and living life through their eyes. It kinda just puts everything in the proper perspective.”

“On the superficial level? I wouldn’t wanna be anybody else! I’ve been blessed with a great hand. … From being able to marry my wife to being surrounded by so many beautiful people before my marriage; I’ve seen every part of the world I could have ever wanted to see. And I feel like now my mission is to help others get that and help others achieve their happiness.”

Wow. Sounds like the Cannon-Carey crew had a pretty tough couple of months during that health scare. We’re glad Nick pulled through ok.

Photo Credit: Stereo Williams/Rolling Out

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