Just Like Us: Photo Gallery Of World-Famous Celebs Doing Normal Everyday Things

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Celebs are untouchable Gods in fame-blinded America and rarely step down from their Heavenly thrones to shop (or dine) among us lowly lessers. But when they do (despite “safety concerns”), it’s always newsworthy and actually kinda cool.

Here’s a photo gallery of your favorite celebs doing normal everyday things. Take a look.

Queen Beysus shopping for bedazzled onesies or hats or whatever at Targét.

King Yeezus & Kimmy K. on a lavish MickeyDee’s date.

Hovvie Hov taking the Brooklyn-bound R train to this final show at Barclays (while his platinum-plated private jet was being cleaned).

Michelle Obama in her “run to the store” clothes at Targét.

Rihanna doing island hoodrat tings at Walmart.

President Obama at the infamous world-famous Ben’s Chili Bowl in D.C.

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    Gucci Mane helping a sweet old bitty at the grocery store.

    Halle Berry proving that you can still be stunning while grocery shopping.

    Diddy in the kitchen, scrambling eggs because Cassie probably can’t cook (or do anything other than exist and be beautiful).

    Mother O shopping with unworthy peasants at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

    Trashy Pop starlet Britney Spears stuffing her face with filthy Taco Bell. Because, why not?

    Photo credits: Twitter, Topsy, Tumblr & Instagram.

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