Hide Ya Kids: 8 WORST Celebrity Role Models For Young Girls

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Let’s be real, celebs are raising an entire generation of attention-thirsty girls with microwave mentalities and low self-worth. While it’s true that celebs shouldn’t be role models, it’s our reality in a country where young girls lock themselves in closets to twerk for the world.

Here are the eight WORST celebrity role models for young girls. Take a look.

Marilyn Monroe

A wise hoodrat once said “well-behaved women seldom make history” which explains why Marilyn is idolized to this day by millions of “free-spirited” women despite her legendary jump-off antics.

Trashy twerk Goddess formerly known as “Hannah Montana”

“Twerk, twerk (Miley, Miley)” – Jay-Z, “Somewhereinamerica”

Now replace “Miley” with your future daughter’s name and ask yourself this: “Do I REALLY want my daughter awkwardly p-poppin on stages while rappers shower her with crumpled cash?” Stressful.


Famously-dysfunctional, rebellious and free-spirited, it’s nearly impossible to shield young girls from the YOLO-minded superstar who does who and what she wants, at any moment, with no regrets or consequences.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki has over 16 million Twitter followers—16,819,066 to be exact—who mostly tYpE LyKE tHiS, create multiple dysfunctional personalities and dream of someday pumping fresh fix-a-flat into their booty cheeks like their shero. Scary.

Kim Kardashian

Kanye’s baby mama is famous for absolutely nothing and globally-known for her shameless industry bed-hopping. Quite possibly the most attention-obsessed celeb today, she’s a mother’s nightmare.

Taylor Swift

When your only talents are A) getting dumped and B) writing songs about getting dumped, you’re probably a terrible role model for boy-crazy young girls.

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    Lil Kim

    17 years ago, she was the pretty face of female Hip-Hop. 37 Asian sock puppet-inspired faces later, she’s the official face of self-hatred.


    The reckless oompa looma was a completely dysfunctional savage on “The Jersey Shore” who wrote a New York Times Best Selling book off the strength of instant fame.

    Why care about school when you can drop out and be famous for partying like Snooki?

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