Don’t Stop There: 9 Other Things We Should Have Boycotted A While Ago

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Other People And Places We Should Boycott

People are calling for a boycott of Florida and other states with Stand Your Ground laws and it’s about damn time. It’s time our stars and regular people put their money where they beliefs are. Florida is a good start, but let’s boycott these other entities.

Let’s go!

Fox News – We basically don’t watch Fox News anyway, but it’s seriously about time we hit them with a boycott to make it official.

Disney World – Here’s why: Disney World controls Florida. If we boycott Disney World they could press Florida to repeal “Stand Your Ground.”

The NRA – They pushed the “Stand Your Ground” law, so it’s time to show them we’re serious. Cancel memberships and cost them money.

Abercrombie And Fitch – They don’t want Black people working the front of the store. It’s time to boycott their racism.

Cristal – They said they didn’t want Black people buying their stuff. Well, don’t worry we’re good.

Madea – SOME people think we should boycott Madea movies because they set us back. What say you?

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    Bleaching Covers – All these magazines that bleach the Black womens’ skin on the covers should abandon these practices.

    College Sports – They exploit young athletes – mostly Black – and punish them if they get any perks. They should get boycotted until these athletes are allowed to get paid.

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