Hi Haters: 8 Black People Who Hate On Barack Obama

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8 Black People Who Hate On Barack Obama

Barack Obama hasn’t been close to the perfect President. He’s deserved his fair share of criticism but he also has done plenty right with the country. But that hasn’t stopped the haters from coming after him. And some of those haters are Black. These Black people have earned the slander of Black America for their hatred spewed at the President.

Herman Cain – He’s been against Obama from jump so he can push his own Republican agenda BS.

Cornel West – He called Obama a global George Zimmerman. Probably still salty because Barry didn’t give him free tickets to the Inauguration.

Tavis Smiley – He has been pouting since 08…sit down somewhere.

KRS One – He once alleged that Obama was the antichrist…it was seemingly in jest but who knows.

DMX –He said no one with Obama’s name would ever be President. DMX wildin’.

Michael Steele – The head of the GOP is as anti-Obama as they come.

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    Allen West – He’s a conservative leader so naturally he’s going to trash Obama whenever he can.

    Jeremiah Wright – He flipped on Obama and is threatening to write a tell-all about the Obama family now smh.

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