Pull Out For What? 10 Female Celebs With Multiple Baby Daddies

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According to a “controversial” study, 59% of American women with multiple baby daddies are African-American which seems high, but accurate, in the Black community where “Pull out for what?” is the new motto.

Here are ten female celebs with multiple baby daddies. Take a look.

Claudette Ortiz

The gorgeous “R&B Divas: L.A.” star smashed the homies who happened to be members of the same group (City High), got knocked up twice by one (ex-hubby Ryan Toby) and another time by some other dude (Wyclef?).

Erykah Badu

She has three children named after a prime number, red planet and mountain lion by three different rappers who all looked into her eyes and went crazy.

Halle Berry

Your favorite beautiful crazy person is toting a gut full of fiancé Olivier Martinez’s seed which wouldn’t be awkward if he didn’t beat down Halle’s ex-boo/baby daddy Gabriel Aubry at her house on Thanksgiving.

Lauryn Hill

The fertile wacko has 5 kids with ex-husband Rohan Marley and another with a mystery baby daddy (Wyclef?).


Tasia Mae went from teen mom to American Idol to knocked up homewrecking mistress all while learning how to read. Amazing talent, terrible judgment.

Faith Evans

The incredibly-talented but somewhat unlucky singer has four kids by three fathers. One before Big, one with Big and two others after Big’s death.

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    She’s one of the first members of Weezy’s league of extraordinary baby mamas who also got knocked up by a Teddy Ruxpin-built singer (The-Dream) allergic to wearing clothes that fit.

    Kimora Lee

    The business-savvy Blasian beauty has three adorably-swirly kids by two celebs. Two with pretty young tender-chasing catdaddy Russell Simmons and another one with ex-husband Djimon Hounsou. Always interesting.


    One daughter from a previous relationship. Two sons with rap superstar hubby Tip Huxtable. Three step-sons from T.I.’s ex-jump-offs. Stressful? Probably.

    Kim Porter

    The professional baby mama had 3 of Diddy’s 6 kids and another by light-skinned royalty Al B. Sure.

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