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This little girl is a hero!

10-Year-Old Girl Catches Newborn Baby Dropped From Burning Apartment

Via HuffPo reports:

Zna Gresham may not think of herself as a hero, but she is certainly being hailed as one.

In a lifesaving catch, the 10-year-old girl caught a baby that was dropped from a second-floor apartment in Decatur, Ga., after the building caught fire, the Associated Press reports.

The family living in the apartment was trapped by the fire, which reportedly started on the ground floor. DeKalb County Fire Battalion Chief Christopher Morrison said the mother had no choice but to drop her three children out the window.

“The smoke was rising so quickly to the upper floors, they couldn’t make their way outside their upper apartment into the hallway because of the smoke. They just went to a window and they threw the child outside to the people, to the neighbors, down on the ground,” Morrison explained to WSB Radio.

Gresham and her sister were standing below, and the 10-year-old managed to catch the 1-month-old before the baby hit the ground. The 2- and 3-year-old children did not fare as well and sustained minor injuries in the fall. All three were transported to a local hospital for treatment, along with two adults who were also hurt in the blaze.

While Gresham made the daring catch, she credited her entire household for helping to save the family trapped in the burning apartment.

“It took all of my family to help get the babies out and help save a family,” Gresham told WSB-TV. “In our family, we take care of our neighbors, no matter what.”

“In our family we take care of our neighbors, no matter what.”

Wouldn’t that change the state of the world? This girl might be young but she’s light years ahead most adults!


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