C’Mon Son: Man Throws Bleach In Cab Driver’s Face To Avoid Paying $175 Cab Fare

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Man Throws Bleach On Cab Driver To Avoid Paying Fare

An Illinois man is currently behing held behind bars on $125,000 bail after doing what had to have been the dumbest thing he’s ever done in life to date.

via Huffington Post

A Chicago-area man was arrested Friday after he allegedly threw bleach on a cab driver and refused to pay his $175 fare.

Oliver Dickens, 18, of Carpentersville, Ill., reportedly hired the cab driver in suburban Elgin to drive him to Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood and gave his ID to the driver as collateral, the Chicago Tribune reports.

When the driver arrived at Dickens’ destination, Dickens was reportedly upset about the trip’s $175 cost and threw bleach in the driver’s face before stealing the driver’s tablet and fleeing the scene.

The driver sustained minor injuries but was not hospitalized.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Dickens was charged with aggravated battery, criminal damage to property and theft of labor. He was ordered held in lieu of $125,000 bail on Saturday.

Really?? ALL of that just because you couldn’t pay the cab fare?

They might need to leave this fool right where he’s sitting for a little while so he can re-evaluate somethings and get his mind right, because clearly it’s far from that point at present. SMH.


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