Love/Hate Thing: 8 Most Dysfunctional Celebrity Couples

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Celebrity couples rarely last beyond their 60-90-day expiration date, but when they do, they spiral into mostly hopeless tabloid-friendly trainwrecks like those on this list.

Here are the eight most dysfunctional celebrity couples. Take a look.

Stevie J & Joseline/Mimi

Mimi and fake-wife Joseline have fought over the first seat on Steebie’s bus for two seasons and both lost. Neither worthy of sympathy, they’re nothing more than Filth Lord Steebie’s two favorite puppets.

Chris Brown & Crunchy Karrueche/Rihanna

Breezy, Rih-Rih and professional sidechick KrispityCrunchity are currently embroiled in the most pathetic “situation” in the industry. One minute, Chris and Rih are love drunk soulmates and the next, they’re subtweeting each other while young Krispity reports for rent-a-bop duty.

Kanye & Kimmy K.

King Yeezus would rather risk his freedom assaulting the paparazzi than spend time with Kimmy and their brand new swirly baby. Based on his permanent frown, we’re sure he’s told Kim to never talk without scheduling appointments to speak to him.

Lamar & Khloe K.

Be real, Lamar (reportedly) creeping on the strong-faced Kardashian didn’t shock you, at all, because Khloe without makeup is fat Rob Kardashian. In fact, we expected this after their rush to get married.

Barack & Michelle

Negronia’s Royal couple admitted to discussing divorce during their seemingly perfect marriage which proves, yet again, that things are never as they seem.

First Lady’s infamous “slip up” during CNN interview: “Believe me, as a busy single mother – or I shouldn’t say single – as a busy mother, sometimes when you’ve got a husband who is president it can feel a little single. But he’s there”

Busy single mother? Freudian slip or do they really secretly hate each other?

Keyshia Cole & Boobie

The Queen of Section 8 Soul and struggly pro baller are either happily-married, fighting or knee-deep in drama. Whether it’s Keyshia spazzing on Twitter or Boobie putting paws on dudes, they’re always in the blogs for the wrong reasons.

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    Will & Jada

    It’s all happiness and smiles in public but then you look at Willow and wonder what’s REALLY goin on with the Smiths. Were the divorce rumors true? Do they even see each other in their “open marriage?” So many unanswered questions.


    For years, rumors have swirled that they despise each other and are only together for their thousands of kids. Welllll, makes sense but you’d never know based on their gooey-eyed romance.

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