Rich & Shameless: 10 WORST Celebrity Tippers

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Diddy There are two types of people in this world: Those who tip and those who have excuses for why they never do. Mostly cheap and entitled, celebs expect everything for free and usually tip terribly like everyone on this list. Here are the ten WORST celebrity tippers. Take a look.

2233859-usher-press-617-409 Usher What’s better than a gracious tip from a filthy rich Pop star? Their autograph, which Ursh has been known to leave in place of an actual tip.

Bill Cosby Bill Cosby The most beloved TV dad (and feel-good comedian) of our time leaving $3 tips on a $350 bills? Sadly, it’s true (according to scorned servers).

diddy Diddy He built his Ciroc-fueled empire off oppressed Bad Boy artists and made nearly A BILLI but can’t even leave a decent tip? $40 for a 15-person party? Cold World.

Barb Barbra Streisand The OG queen diva is notorious for being nasty, cheap and nearly impossible to please at high-end restaurants. According to various reports, she once left $10 for a $457 bill. PETTY.

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods The tip-allergic golf icon is worth over $500 million and “never” carries cash, ever. Wonder why?

mariah and miguel Mariah Cruella Carey The infamous queen diva demanded that an eatery stay open late to accommodate her entourage and was a complete beyotch to the staff. Tip: $0.

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    D D’Angelo $7.00 on a $250 tab (discounted from $500)? Pssh, 15% gratuity for what?

    alleniverson Allen Iverson While gambling away millions in the casino, the dead-broke NBA tragedy had a cab wait outside for hours and shorted the driver without leaving a tip.

    lebronnikethumb LeBron James The already legendary 2-time NBA champion (reportedly) had an upscale Cleveland restaurant stay open until four a.m. and ran up an $800 bill. His tip? $10. Of course the server quit on the spot.

    Rachael Ray Rachel Ray $1 on a $10 tab? SERIOUSLY? Yep, and it’s ALL Oprah’s fault. Photo credits: Topsy, Tumblr &

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