Chris Brown Subtweets Rihanna You Can't Love Without Liking Someone

Shots Fired: Breezy Disses RihRih On Twitter Again… Says There’s No Love For Someone You Don’t Like!

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Breezy and RihRih can’t stop won’t stop with the subliminals. The latest from Breezy is a thinly veiled attack on her inability to be his true friend.

Via Hollywood Life reports:

Chris Brown went on a Twitter and posted a statement that has left fans betting that he’s talking about nobody else but his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. This is the newest round in an escalating war of words between the once passionate exes. Just 15 days ago, on July 25, Rihanna posted a what looked like a major dig at Chris on her Instagram and now it appears that Chris has responded with an intense message!

Chris definitely wants to let his over 12 million fans know exactly why he’s so much happier with Karrueche Tran, than with ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. He posted a very emotional message on Twitter on Aug. 5, filled with question marks, exclamation points and his opinion on what makes a relationship successful.

“How do u build a house without a foundation????” Chris tweeted. “Friendship brings the trust and love stronger. You have to like a person to love them!”

Wow, this could be one of Chris’ strongest and most heated tweets ever! Is he saying the he has a stronger friendship, trust and love with Karruche, than he ever had with Rihanna? Is he sending Rihanna the message that he loved her but they never built a strong friendship, so they didn’t ‘like’ each other, and that ultimately you must be friends before you’re lovers?

There’s really no other way to interpret this.

But this is not the first time that Chris and Rihanna have taken their ex-war to Twitter. They’ve been sparring over social media with pointed messages for weeks. Most recently, Rihanna wrote on her Instagram something that might have set Chris off.

“I hate when exes say, ‘I’m here if you need me.’ Where the f**k were you when we were together and I needed you?’”

This post would definitely send the message to Chris that he wasn’t there when she needed him when they were together. Maybe it was this attack that fueled his feelings that he and Rihanna had a lack of friendship?

Rihanna is infamous for posting message about her feelings, for all of her fans to see, because she wants girls to understand that she knows everything they may be going through about heartbreak as well.

“She just speaking truth and want other girls to know what time it is and she feels them,” a source tells us. “But it’s all right though, hold ya head up.”

SMH… These kids keep acting up. Why do their managers keep lettin’ ’em?

In the meantime, Rihanna was definitely not phased. She was too busy enjoying her cropover celebrations in Barbados.

Is this what Breeze meant by reaching and doing too much? Sorry Chris, it looks like Rihanna is winning the social media game with this one.

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