Hi Haters: 9 People Everyone On Twitter Hates Right Now

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9 People Everyone On Twitter Hates

Twitter knows how to bring out the goons. When the hashtags come and the mob gets going, it’s hard to make them stop. We’ve noticed over the last few weeks that these people have gotten most of the slander. We almost feel bad for them.

Take a look.

Kain Carter – You can’t steal jokes and get away with it.

Katy Perry – The Beyhive went in on her for supposedly stealing her idea. She definitely felt the wrath.

Tavis Smiley – You don’t just start going in on Obama and not expect consequences, Tav.

Chey B – His little sorry relationship advice got him in hot water with Twitter. It’s pretty much over for him, now.

Dwight Howard – He’s been getting slandered since the beginning of last year’s NBA season. And it won’t stop.

Tony Romo – Any Cowboys players get slandered and it goes to Tony Romo most of all.

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    Draya Michele – People are still slandering her parenting. Wow.

    Paula Deen – No love for Paula Deen. Ever.

    Keyshia Cole – It’s always a good day to slander Keyshia. It seems like every time she tweets something bad happens for her. Good thing she’s chilling.

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