Vibe Killers: 10 Celebs With Notoriously Bad Breath

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Nothing makes you hate a person more than eye-watering breath. With millions of affordable mouth washes, breath fresheners and chewing gums, it’s amazing that grown adults leave the house with an unbrushed tongue/day-ruining breath.

Here are the ten celebs with famously-filthy breath. Take a look.



For years, there have been whispers of Queen Beysus having the spiciest of dragon breath and many believe it. Beautiful and talented with struggly Harriet Tubman feet and chitlin breath? Balance.

Princess Diana-WENN

Princess Diana

Before her tragic death, she was known to suffer from Bulimia and (reportedly) was so terrified of gaining weight that she refused to use toothpaste. This can’t be life.

Biz Markie-New York-WENN

Biz Markie

You ever meet someone with soul-burning breath that stuck with you, in your memory, forever? Breath so nasty that it lingered like air pollution? If not, you’re blessed to have never met the iconic yuckmouth who (reportedly) has that 100% pure vibe killer.

Diddy-United States-WENN


Rumors of Diddy’s breath smelling like warm dumpster juice have never died and probably never will.

Busta Rhymes-Nevada-WENN

Busta Rhymes

You would think the real-life cartoon character had poo skidmarks on his tongue based on his (alleged) booty hole breath. According to Diddy (Pot vs. Kettle), Busta’s breath = “bag of horse poo.”

Lamar Odom-California-WENN

Lamar Odom-Kardashian

If you actually keep up with the Kardashians, you may remember when Kimmy tells Khloe that Lamar basically has homeless people living inside his mouth.

“Khloe, I almost throw up in my mouth every time I give him a hug. Bible.” – Kimmy.

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    Flavor Flav -Nevada-WENN

    Flavor Flav

    That awkward moment when Mr. spicy sewage breath himself tells YOU that YOUR breath stinks on national TV. Yes, this really happened to “Shy” on “Flavor of Love 3.” The irony……

    Angelina Jolie-California-WENN

    Angelina Jolie

    What does a famous husband buy his famous wife for Valentine’s Day? Breath mints, of course, because there’s nothing more romantic than confirming rumors of your wife’s stinky breath.

    Jennifer Aniston-Paris-WENN

    Jennifer Aniston

    Could her rumored eyebrow-burning breath be the REAL reason Brad Pitt dumped her? Probably not because he’s still with Angelina.

    Ben Affleck-California-WENN

    Ben Affleck

    The critically-acclaimed actor/director reportedly suffers from “appalling halitosis” that (reportedly) forced his co-star Sandra Bullock give him a WHOLE BOX of mints on the set of their 1999 rom-com “Forces of Nature.”

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