That Stank: 10 Celebrities With Alleged Bad Body Odor

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10 Celebrities Who Allegedly Stink

You know what’s interesting about never meeting certain celebrities? You never get to know what they smell like. Well, we did some digging and found some accounts of how these celebrities smell…and it’s not nice.

Take a look at some celebs with alleged bad odor.

Gwyneth Paltrow-United States-WENN

Gwyneth Paltrow – During the Met Gala reports were rolling in that she had a distinct odor under the lights.

Allen Iverson-United States-WENN

Allen Iverson – He admitted to not putting on deoderant on game days so that he could make people hesitant to guard him. Smart…we guess.

Kendra Wilkinson-United States-WENN

Kendra Wilkinson – According to an old stylist (and Star magazine…) she doesn’t care about body odor and it gets out.


Missy – Superhead said she had a mal odor from her…moving along.

Flavor Flav-United States-wenn

Flavor Flav – He’s constantly accused of having stank breath. And stank everything.

India.Arie-United States-WENN

India Arie – She’s accused of having odor mostly because of the all natural stereotype she has.

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    Erykah Badu-United States-WENN

    Erykah Badu – For the same reasons India Arie gets the stereotype.

    Robert Pattinson-GermanY-WENN

    Robert Pattinson – He apparently doesn’t ever wash his hair because ew.

    Julia Roberts-France-WENN

    Julia Roberts – She only uses soap and water and not deodorant.

    Courteney Cox-United States-WENN

    Courteney Cox – David Arquette said she’d smell like a truck driver sometimes. Um…

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