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Ci-Ci is letting it all hang out in the new issue of Paper Mag.

Via PaperMag

But she’s in when it comes to exploration and being more open to the public these days. Just like her music, Ciara herself is way less guarded than she used to be. “I thought it was better to be private,” admits the 27-year-old. “But self-reflection helped me to say, ‘You need to live more. If you worry so much about things, your head is going to explode. Just live. Something has to give.’ I was holding back so much that I wasn’t letting myself explore and live.”

Which means Ciara is now open to talking about her relationship with the avant-rapper Navydius “Future” Cash, who is an executive producer of the album and collaborated on the first single, “Body Party.” It’s a sultry act of musical seduction (“My body is your party, baby/Nobody’s invited but you, baby”). The video imagines the couple’s first meeting, where their flirty banter culminates with a seal of approval from Ciara. “He reads,” she says, as he walks away.

“He’s very understanding,” she tells me, “and he’s my best friend. It’s important to have a feeling that you can talk about anything and know a person’s going to be there and support you. When we’re together, it’s not about who we are. I feel very normal, very safe and loved.

Awwww, sweet black love.

She goes on to explain why she won’t slander Bow Wow, 50 Cent, Amare Stoudemire, Cam Newton or any of her other former boos.

“Being able to speak about it is a whole different thing for me,” she goes on. “I’m not thinking or caring too much about what anybody has to say anymore. Once you start over-thinking and worrying, you start getting close to insanity. I want my sanity and a life and happiness.” (It’s partly for that reason that Ciara won’t crank out bitter songs about ex-lovers. “It’ll come to light,” she says. “Whatever energy a person gives you, they’ll have to deal with that. I’m not necessarily going to be so direct in a song.”)

We find it hard to believe that Ci-Ci won’t send a couple subliminal shots toward her exes on a record, especially 50, but ok, if she says so.

Check out more pics of Ciara’s shoot with Paper Mag after the flippy.

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