Say What? Celebrities Who Had Speech Impediments

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Celebrities With Speech Impediments

It’s hard work getting over a speech impediment. It takes training and concentration and these people were able overcome their impediments to the point we don’t even notice them.

Did you know these celebs had speech impediments? Take a look.  

Tiger Woods-Las Vegas-WENN

Tiger Woods – Stuttered

Bruce Willis-New York-WENN

Bruce Willis – Stuttered

Samuel L. Jackson-New York-WENN

Samuel L. Jackson –Stuttered

Joe Biden-Levittown-WENN

Joe Biden – Stuttered

Barbara Walters-New York-WENN

Barbara Walters – Lisp

Michael Phelps-Phoenix-WENN

Michael Phelps – Lisp

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    James Earl Jones-New York City-WENN

    James Earl Jones – Stuttered

    Marilyn Monroe-WENN

    Marily Monroe – Stuttered

    Julia Roberts-Los Angeles-WENN

    Julia Roberts – Stuttered

    Busta Rhymes-Los Angeles-WENN

    Busta Rhymes – Stuttered

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