Drugs Are The Worst: 10 Celebrities Who Were Allegedly Addicted To Crack

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Celebrities Who Were Addicted To Crack

Crack is wack. It’s one of the absolute worst drugs anyone can possibly get involved with. It ruins lives and kills people.

These celebrities didn’t heed the warning and ALLEGEDLY got involved with crack. What were they thinking?

SMH. Stay away from the drugs, kids.

Amy Winehouse-London-WENN

Amy Winehouse – She had a massive drug addiction that apparently included crack at one point.


DMX – Part of his recent life problems are allegedly a result of crack addiction which he’s rumored to have had before his fame.

Lamar Odom-Los Angeles-WENN

Lamar Odom – He’s been in the news like crazy because of his recent alleged crack addiction…man.

Lindsay Lohan-Los Angeles-WENN

Lindsay Lohan – Apparently crack was part of one of her binges.

Robert Downey Jr.-Malibu-WENN

Robert Downey, Jr. – He had a serious drug problem in the 90s…and the rumor was crack was involved.

Whitney Houston-WENN

Whitney Houston – Her drug addiction allegedly led to her demise with crack being a culprit in the 90s.

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    Bobby Brown-New York City-WENN

    Bobby Brown – He got involved with Whitney’s drugs and didn’t look back.

    Marion Barry-DC-WENN

    Marion Barry – He got in some big trouble for smoking crack while mayor of DC.

    Lawrence Taylor-CA-WENN

    Lawrence Taylor – He was doing some crazy stuff in the 80s and got in trouble for crack issues.

    Flavor Flav-Beverly Hills-WENN

    Flavor Flav – Surprised?

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