Run! Celebrities Who Tried To Run From The Cops

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Celebrities Who Ran From The Police

Being arrested sucks. Dealing with cops sucks. No one wants to get arrested, but it’s best to just take your medicine. These celebrities didn’t want to get arrested so they tried to run from the police…and usually they failed.

They  tried their hardest to avoid arrest by any means. And it didn’t end well.

OJ Simpson – He had the most infamous car chase of all time. And still ended up in jail.

Lamar Odom – He just had a car chase with police this very morning.

Katt Williams – He got in a car chase away from the cops while hopped up on whatever he was hopped up on.

Robert Downey, Jr. – Downey had a crazy traipse against the police in the 90s in the middle of one of his crazy binges.

Too Short – A video recently came out on TMZ showing Short Dog trying to run from the police and getting nowhere.

Webbie – He was involved in a car chase in Mississippi that of course led to his arrest.

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    Chief Keef – He was involved in a car chase that led to one of his many, many arrests.

    James Brown – He also sent the cops on a high speed car chase…sigh.

    Lindsay Lohan – She got knocked for a DUI and led police on a car chase, too.

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